Use our FAQ's or email us from our Contact page to ask about Military Surplus supplies, Outdoor Pursuits, Flags or Camping.

We have a lot of experience in the business, stock rooms that are overflowing with gear and great contacts within the trade.

If we don't have something - we can usually find it for you or tell you where to buy 'it' !! - Give us a try!

Note we do not share your details with anyone else. We try to answer all email questions within 24 hours.


FAQ #1

Q: Do you offer an online ordering system yet please?

A: At the moment, we don't do online ordering. However, we CAN post certain items to you if you phone us and we can do the transaction via credit/debit card or through PayPal.

FAQ #2

Q: Do you offer discounts for Cadets and Forces Personnel ?

A: That's an interesting one ! Our long standing policy is to 'BUILD IN' all relevent discounts albeit we are more than happy to give what we call a "Mil-10 Promotional Price". Simply show us your Military I.D and we'll reduce the cost by 10%. 

FAQ #3

Q: All your 'ARMY SURPLUS' and related items have lots of prices, this is very confusing, why is this ?

A: An excellent question ! In order to guarantee value in the 'world of surplus' we take into account various factors. The most important, generally, is CONDITION .  We would not expect you to pay as much for a well worn item as a premium quality one , so we have developed a 'quality control, grading and sizing system' unique to us. WE CALL IT "THE ' T ' SYSTEM". This system is top secret so not much more to say except "TRUST US".


FAQ #4

Q: Do you give a warranty / guarantee with the 'second hand / Army Surplus' goods you sell ?

A: A fair question deserving a fair answer. In a nutshell "YES" as we check every single item for faults, repairs, dinks and scrapes etc. However, the beauty of what we do (Army Surplus) is that we can cater for MOST budgets so to some extent you will get what you pay for i.e If you see a pair of COMBAT BOOTS instore and the price is, say, £3.50 you will get a Boot WORTH £3.50. On the other hand if the same style boot is priced at £25.95 again THAT pair will be WORTH £25.95. Remember, we check (and double check) EVERY piece of kit we sell. Condition is everything.

          So to sum up, we take great care in what we do and operate a 'common sense' approach to most situations.


FAQ #5

Q: Do you accept Credit Cards ?

A: Sure do ! We  accept most CREDIT / DEBIT CARDS, however to help  protect our 'low price policy' we do like a minimum spend of £5.00  (or pay an extra £0.50 to (part) cover our bank charge if you only need to make  a small purchase.)


FAQ #6

Q: If I spend "loads" can I have a nice discount ?

A: Well , as previously mentioned we 'build in' a typical discount of between 10% and 25% off the RRP.

However, we do have an 'extra discount' matrix for In-store purchases. This works on the principle of THE MORE YOU SPEND THE MORE DISCOUNT you get. It varies between an EXTRA 2.5% and up to an EXTRA 5% off. With some lines (group / trade discount) qualifying for up to an extra 10% off. 


FAQ #7

Q: HI ! I was in your amazing store today and I fell in love with  "S.W.A.T. DOG"  so I'd like to know if I can buy him and take him home with me (I have good 'feedback' on E-Bay)?

A: MMMMMMMMM................Unfortunately not, as "S.W.A.T. DOG" is on loan from his homeland a long, long way away !! His owners would not be best pleased if we sold him !! Maybe you could go to the local kennels and find one just like him ? ( edit: errr.... OK, probably not !!)