BIVI BAG: C.S.B. M.V.P. JP. (Special). English Oak / D.P.M.


Introduced by our friend, Little Brown Man (L.B.M).........

 sleep_bivi_bag_jp_3jpg "L.B.M"  LOST !!


WELL, it was like this you see.........I was wondering around in the 'Forest of Endy' and I got kind of lost......... I spoke to a very kind dog called Glasto, who was trying to have a pooh.........

  endy_store_tour_145jpg HONEY flavour Pooh


.........and he pointed me in the right direction so I ENDYED (new word) up in a really cool Army Surplus Store in deepest, darkest EXETER.........


  endy_store_tour_12_02 KIND Dog, Glasto


Anyway, back to business.........


  sleep_bivi_bag_jp_1_01 BIVI Bag

Here we have a fantastic value Bivi Bag;

AKA: Cover. Sleeping Bag.

Made from "stealth fabric" (yea, right) Breatha-Tex (not Gore-Tex®. I said NOT Gore-Tex®. Yes, I do have a 'thing' about the over-use of that word :o) it's waterproof and has a reasonable degree of breathability. Plus, being generously sized it will comfortably cater for the larger frame.........

The fabrics' finish is of Oxford-nylon which gives a very durable texturized feel and appearance.  All seams are carefully sealed.


  sleep_bivi_bag_jp_34pg_01 DRAW-Cord


The 'Bag is fitted with a draw-corded, easy-sliiiiiiiiide spring-toggled 'main opening' giving varying degrees of closure.


         survival_surviva_jak_6 TOO big for me


The 'Bag also comes complete with it's own storage Sack made from a lightweight, elasto-draw-corded mesh nylon. That sounded cool!


 survival_surviva_jak_4  STUFF Sack


 survival_surviva_jak_5jpg GONE fishin'


Obviously we just had to do some "ENDY-Testing" on this product, so we borrowed a Duck from the local farm ( a live one** ) and made ourselves a little pond of about 8" deep. The duck** was very excited.........he swam around for an hour or so and then went off to waddle somewhere else with all of his duck-friends.........


 sleep_bivi_bag_jp_water DUCK


So, wottavweegotte ?? Or, wottcudduavv ??? ( spell-chick didn't like that !!)


It's Brand New  (the Bivi Bag)

It's Water-proof  (the Bivi Bag and the duck)

It's Breathable  (the Bivi Bag)

It's in the really neat "English Oak" Camo  (the Bivi Bag)

SRRP on these is £69.95 (no, I wouldn't pay that either) but we have a clearance price offering 57% off the SRRP !!

ENDY Stats: 

Length 8' 0" / 240cm approx.

Width: Shoulder; 3' 3" / 100cm  

Width: Foot; 2' 6" / 76cm

Weight: 2lb 10oz. / 1,200 gms approx.

Duck: Slow roast Gas mark 4 / 2 hours

Pooh: He's cool. Leave well alone

Glasto: He's cool too. Just give him a bone

"L.B.M": He's mine. Leave well alone also

'ENDY'  Price:


SRRP*:  £69.95 /  40 %

* Suppliers Recommended Retail Price Inc. VAT. / % Saving against SRRP.

** The duck used was actually a plastic one so no animals were harmed in any way during this test.........just in case you were worried