Glastonbury Gear

PLEASE see below for a range of 'Specially Selected' products for the awesome  GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL !!

We hope to give you some great "Kit" ideas as to your requirements to see you through the Festival !!

We have tons of "Budget" Army Surplus plus lots of general 'Camp' Goodies, Accessories and even a few  WELLYS .........just in case it rains !!

We will also be running many in-store "SPECIAL OFFERS " !!

Q: Are ENDICOTTS 'Green' ?

A: Yes, of course we are. Plus a bit of Camo and Black, Brown.........

Get your GEAR here !!

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Glastonbury Gear

ACCESSORIES: Laces. B.C.H. 180cm. Flat. Black.

ACCESSORIES: Light Sticks. Genuine 'Cyalume'. Colours. Various.

ACCESSORIES: Plates / Mug etc. Poly. Olive Green.

BLANKET: Foil. Emergency.

CAMP BED: Dutch. Olive Green.

CLOTHING: Jacket. Field. CS95. Rip-Stop. D.P.M.

CLOTHING: Shorts. Combat. Various. D.P.M / Other.

CLOTHING: Trousers. Combat. British. CS95 / 05 Issue. D.P.M.

CLOTHING: Trousers. Combat. British. Desert. D.P.M.

CLOTHING: Trousers. Field. British. Multi-Terrain Pattern - M-T.P.

CLOTHING: Trousers. Lightweight. British. Poly/Cotton. Olive.

COOK: Cook Unit. "Hexi". Gen. M.O.D.

COOK: Cooker. "Trangia". Military Issue. Swedish. 5 Piece Set.

COOK: Cooker. Volcano Cooker / Heater. Swiss. Aluminium.

COOK: Mess Tins. "Billy" Set. E. German. Aluminium. Grey.

COOK: Mess Tins. "Billy" Set. W. German. Aluminium. Olive Green.

CUP: Flask / Mug. Thermal. Olive / Black.

DRY KIT: Bags. Freezer. Re-Sealable / Gripseal. Various. Clear.

DRY KIT: Liner. Side Pouch. Insertion Sack. O/G.

FIRST AID: Tape. Zinc Oxide. White.

FOOTWEAR: Sandal. Strops. (Blk/Brn) Olive.

HEADWEAR: Bandana / Zandana. Various Prints !!

HEADWEAR: Hat. Sun. "Legionnaires". Beige / Olive.

HEADWEAR: Hat. Sun. 'Safari'. Beige.

HEADWEAR: Head-over. "X-T". Dutch. Half-Wool. O/D.

HYDRATION: Tablets. Water Sterilisation.

HYDRATION: Water Bottle. U.S Style. "G.I". Premium. Olive / Camo

HYGIENE: 2. Steridex. Hand Hygiene. Gel.

HYGIENE: Wash / Wash-Up Bowl. Dutch. Olive Green.

HYGIENE: Wash Bag. Web-Tex. D.P.M.

HYGIENE: Wash Kit. Web-Tex. D.P.M.

JACKET: Jacket. Lightweight - aka Shirt. British. CS95 / 05. D.P.M.

KIT BAG: Sea Sack. German. Top Loader. Dk. Olive.

PEGS: Tent. 7" / 9". Steel.

PONCHO: U.S / Genuine. Woodland. D.P.M.

RUCKSACK: Bergen. Infantry. British. 90 Patt. O/G.

SHELTER: Bivi Pole. "Web-Tex". Olive Green.

SHELTER: Poncho / Basha. British. 58 Patt. Olive Green.

SHELTER: Tunnel Tent. British. Hooped-Bivi. M.V.P. D.P.M.

SHIRT: Cold Weather. British. 'Norgee'. Olive Green.

TEE SHIRT: Gen-1. 100% Cotton. British. Olive Green.

WATERPROOFS: Jacket. British. "M.V.P". '95 Patt. D.P.M.

WATERPROOFS: Over-Trouser. British. "M.V.P". '95 Patt. D.P.M.

WATERPROOFS: Over-Trouser. N17. Dutch. "M.V.P". D.P.M.

WATERPROOFS: Poncho. "Italian Camo". Nylon. D.P.M.

WATERPROOFS: Poncho. Dutch. P.U / Rip-Stop. D.P.M.

WATERPROOFS: Poncho. Lightweight. Vinyl. Olive Green / Camo.

WATERPROOFS: Poncho: U.S / Style. Lightweight. Olive/Black/Camo