"ENDY Extra": If ENDICOTTS were a Bottle of Wine.........


   endy_wine ENDY(s) !! Wine

Now, if 'ENDICOTTS' were a  BOTTLE of WINE  what would it be ??

mmmmmmmmm, interesting question, how about this;


.........a wonderful blend of Army Surplus Combats mixed with a selection of High-leg Boots with a fantastic Moth-ball aroma on the nose. The wickedly priced Pouches from the wholesaler delicately balanced on the shelf next to the Webbing and Hip Pads. A superb shop to browse plus fantastic knowledge from their 75 year vintage with all the Surplus expertly Graded for quality and stored horizontally for ease of serving. A perfect partner to Work Folk, Military Personnel, Cadets, BCUK Bushcrafters and around 13.5% of the population of the lush rolling hills of Exeter !!!! Please consume within 2 weeks of opening !!



WOW !! What a wine that would be !!


And we'd love to share some with YOU !!

 endy_wine_3 CHEERS !

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