KIT BAG: Sea Sack. German. Top Loader. Dk. Olive.


sea_sac_germanlge CAPACIOUS


THIS is the German 'Sea Sack'.

A Large 'Load-lugger'.

A very capacious and traditionally designed Kit Bag with the ability to be be worn 'Ruck-Sack' style with the 2 Shoulder Straps.

Great for moving lots of 'Kit' from A to B.........but not so good from A to Z.........

The 'Bag has a 'Draw-Tie' Top which you pull-in to secure the opening.

We also stock a Lockable  D-RING  to make the opening more secure.

A really robust Load-Lugger and built to last.

Typically German!

Also available as a zipped 'Side-loader'.........


ENDY Stats:

Capacity: 100 Lts approx.

Material: Cotton Canvas

Colour: Olive Green

'ENDY' Price:

Grade 2
  Grade 1   Super














*: Not Available. Not Comparable /% N.A

Suppliers Recommended Retail Price Inc. VAT. / % Saving against SRRP.


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