Military - Cadet Kit

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IF you're in the Cadets, or are generally interested in the great outdoors, then you need to get into ENDYS !!

We have a fantastic selection of well-sourced quality products for you to buy.

Cadet Discount.

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Military - Cadet Kit

ACCESSORIES: "Silencers". Dog Tags. P.V.C. Black / Various cols.

ACCESSORIES: Kit. Boot Cleaning. Dutch. Genuine Issue. O/D.

ACCESSORIES: Kit. Boot Cleaning. Web-Tex. D.P.M.

ACCESSORIES: Laces. B.C.H. 180cm. Flat. Black.

ACCESSORIES: Light Sticks. Genuine 'Cyalume'. Colours. Various.

ACCESSORIES: Note Book; Re-fill. A6. White.

ACCESSORIES: Plates / Mug etc. Poly. Olive Green.

BLANKET: Foil. Emergency.

CLOTHING: Jacket. Field. CS95. Rip-Stop. D.P.M.

CLOTHING: Trousers. Combat. British. CS95 / 05 Issue. D.P.M.

CLOTHING: Trousers. Field. British. Multi-Terrain Pattern - M-T.P.

CLOTHING: Trousers. Lightweight. British. Poly/Cotton. Olive.

CONCEALMENT: Cam Paint. Various.

COOK: 'Crusader'. Cup. Mil. Spec. "Teflon". Black.

COOK: 'Crusader'. Cup. Mil. Spec. Stainless Steel.

COOK: Cook Unit. "Hexi". Gen. M.O.D.

DRY KIT: Liner. Side Pouch. Insertion Sack. O/G.

FIRST AID: Tape. Zinc Oxide. White.

FOOTWEAR: Boots. Combat. "Youths" Sizes / Import. 9 Eyelet.

FOOTWEAR: Boots. Parade. Toe-Cap. D.M.S.

FOOTWEAR: Shoes. Parade. Female. British. Black.

FOOTWEAR: Shoes. Parade. Male. D.M.S. British. Black.

GLOVES: Liner. Meraklon. Thermal. Olive / Black.

HEADWEAR: Hat. Jungle. Genuine Issue. D.P.M.

HEADWEAR: Hat. Waterproof. Mountain. Olive / Navy.

HEADWEAR: Head-over. British. Wool. Olive Green.

HEADWEAR: Watch Hat. Premium. Chunky. Acrylic. Black.

HYDRATION: Tablets. Water Sterilisation.

HYDRATION: Water Bottle. U.S Style. "G.I". Premium. Olive / Camo

HYGIENE: 2. Steridex. Hand Hygiene. Gel.

HYGIENE: Wash Bag. Web-Tex. D.P.M.

HYGIENE: Wash Kit. Web-Tex. D.P.M.

JACKET: Ex-Works. W'Proof. Various. British. M.V.P.

JACKET: Jacket. Lightweight - aka Shirt. British. CS95 / 05. D.P.M.

PAD. HIP: British. Genuine Issue. D.P.M

PARA CORD: Type. Premium. 15, 30 or 100 Mts. Olive Green.

PEGS: Tent. 7" / 9". Steel.

POUCH: Small. P.K. Dutch. D.P.M.

POUCHES: Samples. P.L.C.E. British. '95 Patt. D.P.M.

SHELTER: Bivi Pole. "Web-Tex". Olive Green.

SHIRT: Cold Weather. British. 'Norgee'. Olive Green.

TEE SHIRT: 100% Cotton. Olive Green.

WATERPROOFS: Jacket. British. "M.V.P". '95 Patt. D.P.M.

WATERPROOFS: Over-Trouser. British. "M.V.P". '95 Patt. D.P.M.

WEBBING: Set Of. P.L.C.E. British. '90 Patt. Olive Green.

WEBBING: Set Of. P.L.C.E. British. '95 Patt. D.P.M.

YOKE: Main. British. P.L.C.E. D.P.M / O.G.

YOKE: Side Pouch. British. P.L.C.E. D.P.M / O.G.