With over 75 years'  experience as a family run business buying and selling Army Surplus and associated products, we have established a system for ( almost ! ) getting it RIGHT.  


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                    Exeter Memories 

                                                                    EXETER Memories


  • Tried, tested (and trusted) suppliers.
  • 'Typical' discounts of 10% to 25% (off RRP) are built into our prices already.
  • Three generations of knowledge when 'buying in' stock.
  • We know and understand the"Science of Surplus" (few others REALLY do !)
  • We also have tried & tested  lines of commercially-made stock plus we carry a huge stock of government issue combat boots, workwear, safety boots and general camping gear.
  • Our QUALITY CONTROL is pretty much 'second-to-none'. EVERYTHING is checked and re-checked. YOU get what YOU pay for. GUARANTEED.
  • Feel free to take advantage of our in-store "Personal Shopper Service" It will save you time and we guarantee to give the best possible guidance to fulfil your needs. Try it !!
  • If you cannot find what you want on the web-site, then please contact us - or even better call in!



Our Web-Site is still very much under construction and will be for many months - even years - to come!

To view more 'Info' on a particular product within the Web-site simply click on the PRODUCT PICTURE  or  PRODUCT NAME

Remember, not all products have full details against them. This is to keep you on your toes and make sure you come back to see if we have updated things!

But seriously folks, we are trying to put the whole 'ENDY Experience' into an informative and 'educational' (!) format and we try to update somewhere within the site every day. If you spot something which YOU  need to know more about do let us know via our  CONTACT US  page.

We always look forward to hearing from you. If you do 'make contact' give us as much 'Information' as you can about the Product; i.e its 'Description', 'Type', 'Size', 'Style', 'Colour' etc. etc.........

We're not 'Set Up' for On-Line purchasing but you are most welcome to ring The Store to place an Order and we'll  post items we have in stock for you, subject to Payment / P&P fees etc.

Or, if you prefer, we can accept Payment via 'PayPal'. Please contact  KEVIN  on this and he'll sort you out.

The site is designed to give you good quality and accurate 'ENDY' information.

All of the 'words', 'descriptions' and pictures are 'ours' and we try to be honest in what we say. 

We won't 'pull the wool' over your eyes. 

While you're here, don't forget to check out our  BREAKING NEWS  section, it's a quick review and (sometimes*) entertaining look at the general 'goings on' within the 'ENDY Emporium'.

Thank you and enjoy your 'ENDY Adventure'!

Oh, by the way, have you met our 'World-Famous'  F.A.R.T TEAM  yet  ? !!

Depending on what mood I'm in !!!!



"ENDY Extra": Personal Shopper Service;




As part of your ENDY-experience we welcome you to the totally unique;


ENDICOTTS Personal Shopper Service; The ART of shopping SMART.


The product range which we stock can appear as a bit of a minefield. It even confuses us sometimes.


With all of the types, styles, sizes, colours, weights, materials and origins plus the huge variations of what appear to be the same thing. The list goes on and on.........Army Surplus, believe it or not, is actually a very complex business.........


So, we have developed a 'Special Service' in order to lend a hand.........


                                 bloodhound WE won't 'hound' you !!




We welcome 'BROWSERS' into our store, because most who do come in tend to buy something.


We welcome 'BIG SPENDERS' - for obvious reasons - and help them accordingly.


BUT our 'BIGGEST BUZZ' is guiding the shopper who "Just doesn't know what he or she wants or needs".


This is where our "Personal Shopper Service" comes into action !!


We can guide you through our vast stocks of goodies pointing out particularly 'good buys' based on the info we will (carefully) extract from you.


Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit.........


                             Accs Probes 13 WE'LL probe you. Gently !!




Our genuine service will lead you to fulfilling your "Shopping List" - or somebody else's - to the absolute best of our ability.


This service is available to all who require it and we GUARANTEE not to lead you astray!


So, if you need help, advice or totally unbiased guidance on anything we do or sell, then:




                      L.B.M Jnr YOU'RE in safe hands !!



Need SURPLUS ? We've got it SORTED !!